One of the Country’s Biggest Consolidator of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Partners with HDI Systech


Fruits of Labor

DIZON FARMS started its operations in 1960 and is one of the pioneers in the local fruit industry. It started growing several types of citrus products and became very successful with its pomelos. It also exports cavendish bananas to different countries in Asia. The Dizon Group of companies has farms in Davao, Pampanga, and Mindoro Occidental.

To date, 167 supermarkets carry our products. These include SM, Robinsons, Ever, Waltermart, Shopwise, South Supermarket and Puregold chains of supermarkets, The Landmark, Pioneer Center, Rustans Supermarket, Makati Supermarket Alabang, Unimart, Cash & Carry and Sta. Lucia East Supermarket.

Time for a change

With a growing workforce of 2,300 employees, Dizon Farm’s Human Resource Department is in need of a relevant and responsive HRIS System that will replace its old system. As stated by Ms. Shiela Oayo the HR manager of Dizon Farm, “We used to have a system for our payroll. But since their providers are not Manila based, they were not able to attend to our needs. We were not able to utilize it and there was no support.” This old system is used only for their payroll which means that they do not have an overall system for Human Resource. They do Human Resource tasks manually if it’s not payroll. Errors arise since they do not have a Human Resource System as a whole.

Compatible Solution

As the new HR Manager of Dizon Farms, Ms. Shiela Oayo envisions a Human Resource System that will take care of Payroll, Employee Management, Attendance and all other tasks of HR. Furthermore she believes there considerations when choosing the HRIS system that is fit to their needs. These include compatibility with Saap, efficiency and ease of use, and availability of support. Given these requirements, they have decided to get HDI Workwise as their HRIS system. During the Kick off meeting HDI Systech’s Director Joel Mendoza PhD discussed the comprehensive and scalable solution that Workwise can offer like it can handle payroll, 201 management, recruitment, as well as timekeeping, performance appraisal and training and development for an unbounded number of users. During the implementation of the system, support will be provided by HDI Systech. With the implementation of HDI Workwise and through improving employee management and training the 4E’s will be achieved. Work life balance is now possible for the Human Resource department since they will be free from the stress of doing manually Human Resource tasks. Likewise, a more ethical approach in Human Resource processes specifically in payroll and performance appraisal will finally be in place. With the cooperation and team work of HDI Systech and Dizon Farms, excellence will be attainable for the success of both parties.