Riofil Corporation : Be A Construction Company of Choice through Investing In Its People



RIOFIL CORPORATION was established in 1989 as a General Contractor by Kawasaki Steel Corporation Engineering Division, whose mission is to expand its growing construction business in the Philippines. Its company operations are geared toward providing quality construction services to the private business sector. In 2003, RIOFIL CORPORATION became a subsidiary of JFE Steel Group, a consolidation of Kawasaki Steel Corporation and NKK Corporation.

The Challenge

Riofil Corporation is a fast growing company, having several projects across the Philippines and worldwide. An important aspect of the company’s strategic development plan is investment in its human resource. Part of this plan is to improve their Human Resource System is the replacement of their old system. “Old, Obsolete and error-prone.”, was how Ms. Pia Aliga, the HR Manager of Riofil Corporation, described their old system. Their old system is SQL based which means that only 1 person has an access to it. If the person assigned to it is not in the office, no one in the HR department can use the system. With their old system, there is no 201 file maintenance and they are not able to use it to generate reports. The old system is used solely for timekeeping and payroll.

Perfect Alternative / Solution

With the challenges that they encountered with their old system, a more responsive and efficient alternative HRIS system that will be able to meet their needs and requirements. Finally, Hdi Systech came right on time as the one who will be able to provide the system that they need. When asked why they decided to get Workwise, Ms. Pia answered, “First its web based which would allow our people to access it wherever they are located.” Their employees can now access the system in order to file their leaves and get their 201 files even if they are not in the office. One factor that contributed to their decision to get Workwise, is its built-in capacity to provide 201 file maintenance. Moreover, HR can use the system for reports generating and decision making.

To be a Construction Company of Choice

When asked about their expectations on the implementation of Workwise, Ms. Pia has this to say, “The turnover of the system will be fast. We hope that it will give us accurate reports.”  They are now taking the first step on investing in their people. They expect that acquiring Workwise will contribute to their being globally competitive. Eventually it will help them with their vision of becoming a construction company of choice.