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Upon log-in, the Dashboard showcases activity feeds on users’ activities, HR postings and employee/group messages while you were away.  Key portlets includes: Demographics or overview or company statistics, Timekeeping Statistics, Birthday Celebrants (upcoming within a month period) and your To-Do or processes that needs your attention.


This module shows your subordinates’ 201 records and HR or department memoes at a glance.  It also allows you to process employee movement like clearance.

Time Records

As the name implies, is all about time records.  Employees can easily see their historical and present time records, leave balance and filing, and work calendar.

My Account

In My Account, this module enables you to immediately view your 201 file, access My Calendar and My Payroll. In My Calendar, the user can use this to file forms using its drag and drop feature.


One of our unique modules, Recruitment enables managers to set up their annunal manpower planning through this facility.  


This module allows the creation of customized and multiple evaluation tools through its target-setting feature. 


As the trend in HR is towards strategic HR, analytics module can easily generate pertinent reports related to all modules and company demographics, making way for a much informed human resource decision-making.

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Workwise deals with the non-strategic, administrative side of HR –tracking, managing and analyzing employee data from application to retirement— so you can focus where your attention is needed the most.

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Workwise is cloud-based so you can get real-time updates when you need to.We employ rigorous safeguards to ensure your data is safe and secure. Our partnership with the best data centers also assures you of uninterrupted service.

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