It’s Monday morning, you wake up, have a sip of coffee, remembering what happened over the weekend, and feels like you want to go back to sleep again. If you’ve ever had this feeling, you might be experiencing Monday Blues.

Stop scowling, there are some things you can bring back your rhythm this Monday to slay the week.

Live for the whole week not just for weekends.

Don’t only look forward to Saturday and Sunday, but instead spread out the fun and plan something exciting during the week.

Hit the hay early on Sunday.

You won’t be able to have a productive Monday if you lack of sleep. Make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep to gear up for the workweek. If you’ll have a good sleep, you might want to consider your alarm clock as your new friend.

Eat balanced breakfast.

Jump start your day with a hearty breakfast that nourishes and provides energy to sustain until lunch. This is your best supply of energy for the day, it can help your brain work well.

Look snazzy.

Plan your outfit night before. Put more effort on wearing a dress or themed outfit. This can add up to your confidence when headed to office. But the best thing to look snazzy is to wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Get hype with the tune.

Listening to music can boost up your mood and pumped you for work. This song does wonders. Best is to listen to some upbeat songs to jump in into your mood.
music for selfcare

Take small breaks.

Don’t be glued to your workplace all day. Take a walk, breathe some fresh air, talk to your friends outside your team or have a sip of coffee to keep you awake.

It’s not your birthday but treat yourself.

Make Mondays rewarding so you would have something to look forward on weekends. Eat your favorite food, hang out with your friends, or buy some items listed on your shopping cart.

Show your smile.

Smile in the shower, make grin with the guards, and show those pearly whites to the office. That contagious smile could help others who feel Monday blues feel a lot better.

smiling employee

Go try these now, you might forget Monday blues forever. And when you’re done, share this with others.

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