Working for more than eight hours in a day, our developer’s guild truly wanted to show their dedication at work just to create a wonderful masterpiece that will answer our clients’ needs. Learning to code is their first step towards becoming the best asset of our company, but behind the codes are these special skills that really stood up with our clients and their team:

Positive Attitude.

As they commit to the company, our developer’s guild cares about their product and service. They are positive and willing to go through the hole of the needle to get the job done and bring their best everyday that lifts up the whole team as well.

Analytical Mindset.

They manifest great system-level thinking skills. Their passion for problem solving makes their job more exciting for them. Balancing? They excel at that because they manage to balance thinking on both the big picture and small details.


Not literally a lover, but they are lovers of challenges and learnings. As fast as the pace of technology, they make sure that what they know on their craft is up-to-date and will not be left behind on the trend.

Time Management Skills.

Our developers are highly reliable. They observe strong work ethic and always maximize their time to complete their tasks in a day.

Team Player.

Team players not just for online games, but also at work. They work well not just on their guild, but also with the remaining guilds, implementation and technical. They believe that collaborating and communicating properly with the other guilds and clients is paramount to their success.

With these extraordinary traits and wide minds in coding, our Developer’s Guild would be glad to help you, our client and future clients, with your system difficulty.

This kind of blog is an initiative to introduce the guilds behind the name of HDI Systech. Once in a while, we will be featuring these guilds and the people behind it as well, their stories, experiences and life lessons from their crafts. Watch out for the next guild next month!