Whether you’ll be spending your long weekend at home or on a trip, it is the best opportunity to get away from your routine and stress from work. You don’t have to plan for each moment, but at least you make time for some activities that will leave you recharged and maybe happier once you get back to reality. If you’re thinking to be productive while taking a break, here are some ways to make that possible.

As Always, Sleep Well

You might be having sleepless nights for the whole week because of your agenda at home and at work. Get rid of it by having enough time of sleep. Allow yourself to laze around and wake up a bit later than the usual. Good sleep can help your body regain the energy that you might need for your activities on the long weekend.

Do Research and Budgeting


Yes, research. Find some activities or places that are new to you. Include setting a budget in your research too. You have to consider the cost of what you want to explore: transportation, food, activities/sight-seeing. We don’t want to spend almost half of our savings right? So setting a rough budget will help you shape your getaway or activities into something you’re financially comfortable with.

Have Your To-Do List for Each Day

Just like planning your everyday task at work, this must follow with your weekend; but make it more fun! This may look like your outline before your weekend starts: from a morning jog to visiting your friends and slowly work your way through it. If you’re going on a trip, make sure that you have your itinerary to maximize your time. And when doing this, you might want to consider the opening or closing times, the traffic (of course), and the distance of the places you’ll visit.

As Much as Possible, Stay Offline with Social Media

Spending long weekend

You’ve been receiving too much radiation from your computer and phone during the week, which is actually unavoidable when working. Try to stay offline with social media, it’s a digital black hole. Instead of wasting your time on your phone at home, go out! Have a coffee and read books or have a walk in the park or the mall with your friends. And if you’ll be on a trip, enjoy the gift of nature. Breathe the fresh air and seize the moment.

Take Advantage of It

If you can’t think of any activities to do or a place to go, you may use your passion or hobbies to be productive on the long weekend. Either you use it to earn or use it just to share it with others. For example, if you love volleyball, set a game with your friends. Or if you love photography, find upcoming events that hire a freelance photographer to show your amazing skills. Can you imagine it? You’ll have fun while earning at the same time.

employee with passion

At the end of the day, weekends are meant to let yourself relax. Divide your time equally through the weekend or long weekend to balance everything. Plan all the activities so that you’ll make time for all of it without cutting down your long weekend.