It is never an easy job to keep your employees engaged at work, especially when it is dominated by Millennials. Some people think that they are hard to understand because of the generation gap, but we have to understand that Millennials are taking over today’s workforce.

By 2020, it is said that the workforce will be made up by 50% of Millennials and by 2030, it will shoot up to 75%. In fact here in the Philippines, a survey from Philippine Statistics Authority declared that almost 50% of the employees in 2018 are composed of Millennials (which is said to be those who are 18-35 years old by now).

Though Millennials bring a range of generational characteristics that, when embraced, might bring major asset to the company. So, here are some ways you can better understand them, and what can you do to make them feel satisfied:

Encourage ideas – listen to their thoughts.

Even the youngest millennial in a group have clouds of ideas for a workplace improvement that needs to be shared with everyone. Let them feel comfortable talking and sharing what they feel. They should never feel threatened when raising an issue. In short, let them feel safe to open their ideas to you. Open your eyes, lend your ears and have a fair judgment. After that, do something to put an end on an issue.

Help them bloom.

Millennials are hungry for learnings, opportunities, and growth. They want it all, and they want it NOW. They are starving of experiences and skills that they can learn from their work. Give them the benefit of the doubt and help them grow the way you sought them to be.

Eliminate a boring team, let the games begin.

Who says it is all just work and no fun? Try to reinvent your place and give some fun vibe. Isn’t it nice to work when your workplace is light and with high spirits? It is a great pleasure to work in a company that knows your worth and finds time to make their employees happy.

Share moments with them.

Knowing your employees will make them feel they are treasured. You may ask their birthdays, their likes/dislikes, their hobbies, or even their favorite food. It is just like getting to know a new friend. From here, you’ll be able to gain their trust. Remember that communication is the key to every relationship. Besides, you hired them for a reason, make them see the reasons to stay.

Celebrate small things, say thank you!

Millennials normally came from a world where everything they do is graded. From school to social media, they were used to have a metric for their success and failures.  Take off this behavior at work. You may display their achievements publicly and celebrate accomplishments. Aside from this, commending a job well done can motivate them to work harder. We all know that ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Just a simple thank you will make your employees feel that you are grateful for their presence and their hard work at times of demands, deadlines, and pressure.

Bottom Line: Millennials will soon dominate the world. We have to accept it.

Millennials may be hard to understand, because they like to know how they are contributing and how they can change the world. A few years from now, the workplace will be mostly composed of Millennials. Think of this, maybe Millennials are here to re-evaluate the established workplace practices decades ago. Let us accept the creativity, innovation and talent they can offer.