How do you feel right now? Burnt out? Calm? Or in between? It is a busy week and stress at work seems to be inevitable. But did you know that stress can give you more than just headache and sleepless nights? YES, because research said that it can shorten your life span. In the Philippines, almost 30% percent of Filipinos cited work/school as the main reason of their stress followed by financial uncertainty at 19.47%, according to CNN’s poll last 2017.
But can we do anything to get rid of stress at work? No, because stress is part of our work but you can handle it. To help you with that sharing these ways on handling your stress at work.

Control your TIME and GOALS.

If your top stressor is your workload, scheduling things to do more than you can handle is a big stressor. Stop being all things to all people. Learn to say NO to some requests if it can’t fit your time and loads. Set priorities and make time for the most important commitments. Avoid procrastination. For setting daily or yearly goals, realistic goals will keep you on track of your road to celebration. Decide what really matters to you, both work and personal life.

Take a SHIFT.

Yes, SHIFT, as what Vicki Hess discussed in her book Shift to Professional Paradise it means Stop and take a deep breath, Harness your harmful knee-jerk reactions, Identify and manage your negative emotions, Find new options, Take one positive action.

Stop and take a deep breath, it is a help to find your inner peace that will make you calm. Harness your harmful knee-jerk reactions is like your fight or flight response. In case that there is something negative happens, try not to respond immediately. Think of your move a hundred times for it will lessen mistakes and it won’t keep the fire burning. Identify and manage your negative emotions by listening to a music or walking around finding your peace, before you make any decision. Find new options, by asking yourself: What worked? What didn’t work? What should you do to be better at your field? Take one positive action. Simple as finding a humor in a situation. Don’t be serious all the time. Be focused, but don’t drag yourself too much, have fun!


I know your stress at work, that’s why I made this. But for this part, you have to practice gratitude. Think of things you are grateful for every day and at work. Maybe, you could think that you are lucky because your boss hired you. It means he/she sees your potential. Or be grateful with a good and comfortable workplace. Spread love and happiness. Do something nice to your co-workers to have a good and a light working environment.


Building friendship at work is a big help in your working journey. Doing things on your own is fine, but having a support group (or your friends at work) will make you feel a lot stronger. They can be your outlet if you’re starting to find things hard. But you should remember, they are just more than a rant absorber, you should also share good memories with them.

Take care of yourself, HAVE A BREAK.

At HDI Systech, we believe that the only key to kick that stress at work is a day off. A day where you are far from your computer, your email, your mountain of papers; I mean, simply out of the office. Try to disconnect and recharge. You can do this over the weekend. Remember that giving a break for yourself is important, because this will prevent you from that feeling of burnt out and giving up on your work. Just like as how you give value to your work, you should give double or triple value to yourself.