The process of recruitment from sourcing the top talents and hoping them to say yes is both an art and science. Many HR teams are doing creative strategies to attract top talents that would fit the job position, and one factor that can influence your candidates to say yes to your job offer is “Employment Branding”. To help you on this, here are some tips on improving your employment branding through recruitment:

1. Design your recruitment process.

Most of the job applicants have their first impression of your organization during the recruitment process. That’s why it is essential that you make sure your recruitment process is fair and transparent, and be consistent with this process across all your applicants. Just a reminder, there should be no stage of your process that is discriminatory.

2. Be accurate with your job ads.

Don’t be a generic employer. Precise job ads are the key in attracting talents that can match not only the skills side, but also your company’s brand and culture. A help for you is to list down your goals first. Then make job ads with that goals, then try to tailor fit these into an employment brand you want others to see online. These could be a big help to get rank in the eyes of top talents.

3. Maintain transparency.

Just like the applicants prepare their portfolio and practice their interview to get the best impression. As a recruiter, you should also aim to put a good impression on your company that will lightly be favorable to your organization’s culture and branding on social media. Make sure to adopt a friendly tone on all your recruitment process to establish your employee brand well.

4. Promote employees’ stories.

We all know that customer’s testimonial is important for the credibility of the organization. This is just the same when you’re trying to build your employment brand online. You need to ask, or should I suggest, encourage your employees to share their own stories on social media to increase your light online. In fact, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy to help you with your recruitment efforts.

5. Get everyone involved.

Your employment branding encompasses every employee in the organization, so it is highly suggested to involve everyone. This could be an effective way to spread your company’s vision and later on turn these regular employees to be your brand ambassadors.

6. Give perceptive feedback.

It is very crucial to give feedback because every person has a different way of taking it. But offering feedback to your applicant let them perceive your brand as someone who cares for their personal development. Give your feedback more realistic and practical approach without being rude. Instead of looking for the strengths and weaknesses, reframe your inputs on where the applicant did well and give suggestions on how he/she can improve it. In this way, your applicant will be able to remember you and your organization’s brand.

7. Ask for feedback.

Feedback is a two-way street, and listening to your applicant’s experience is the best way to assess and improve your recruitment process. Treat their feedback as precious data.