Employment Management

Attendance Management

The Attendance Management system automatically computes for the total number of hours worked by employees for a certain cut-off period based on defined company policy and setup. It increases productivity, reduces costs and provides accurate managerial reports.


  • Capturing of daily time records from any timekeeping devices or from manual record
  • Get real-time attendance information such as time in/out records, overtime and undertime hours
  • Employee / Group Work schedule and unlimited shift assignment
  • Configurable Leaves
  • Online Leave Applications and Approvals
  • Online forms application and approval (Change Work Schedule, Daily Time Record Problem, Excused Tardiness, Officical Business, Overtime and Undertime)
  • Online Blanket Application Facility (Company-initiated Applications)
  • Configurable Attendance Rules and Policies
  • Real-time and accurate reporting tools for faster decision making