Employee Management

The HDI Workwise Employee Management module is integrated with the Talent Management, Attendance Management and Payroll modules. The Employee Management module manages all relevant employee information and offers a more efficient way of handling employee-related activities.

Employment Management

Employee Dashboard

  • 201 File – allows viewing/updating of personal information such as: family background, training courses attended, current and previous pay slips, and recent management action.
  • Memos – provides the latest memoranda and employee updates.
  • Management Action – allows viewing of employee transfer records and incident reports. This module includes processing of Individual Development Plans and training requests.
  • Appraisal – shows previous and the latest appraisal results.
  • Leaves and Other Forms – allows filing of leaves and other forms and shows status of applications.
  • Daily Time Record – shows the daily time record, plus accumulated tardiness, absences, and leaves within a given period.
  • Overtime and Allowance – shows filed overtime and allowances given per cut-off.
  • Manuals – contains the HR Operations and other employee manuals.
  • Work Schedule – shows individual work schedule. Also allows setup of a team schedule.
  • Job Description – contains employees’ job descriptions and allows viewing of employee roster per company or department.
  • Directory Listing – shows roster of employees per department or company, and their respective contact details.


  • One-time input and easy retrieval of employee-related information such as work assignment, contact information, education, family, employment history, trainings, character references, summary of skills, accountabilities and attachments.
  • Provide self – service facility for the entire workforce.
  • Provide end-to-end cycle from hiring to retirement process.
  • Generation of accurate reportorial requirements.