Organize, automate and simplify your HR processes.

Our system modernized the way you value your people. From recruitment, to onboarding, to developing their talent. To your way of paying them and retaining them, and building the company culture your employees would be proud of.

Employee Record

We automate how you manage your employee data and records. A self-service feature in which your employees could access their own records based on the HR policies.


Get a precise timekeeping and attendance management from your biometric device to the HDI Workwise system. Eliminate costly errors with a time-tracking that you can really depend on.


Process your payroll fast and convenient. A feature that can be integrated with a 3rd party financial applications and allows generation of online payslips and government reports.

Talent Acquisition

Bring intelligence into your recruitment process to boost your hiring and onboarding process.

Performance and Appraisal

This feature cuts to the heart of your performance management system by allowing you to create customized and multiple evaluation tools that track targets and objectives.

Training and Development

Let your employees accelerate learning. This feature uses career development training schedule in alignment with the performance management system. This will help you track training expenditures against budget allocations.

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