We began.

In 2006, HDI Systech started as an internal IT department specialized to create new technology platforms to improve efficiency across the HDI group. While we are happy doing things to help our customers, we didn’t realize that our own people were struggling on the manual processes inside the company. Employee on boarding and off-boarding took so much of our HR’s time because of the manually - coded data on spreadsheets. Job performance reviews, payroll management, time keeping were all done manually. Realizing that this manual process is not helping the business, all the more to our people, we decided to make things better, faster.

We conquered.

We searched for suppliers for an effective software that can provide our specific needs and requirements, but issues came in and budget was a challenge. Having to think of this inconvenience, we decided to create our very own software. Coming from the passionate and committed team, we get the wheels turning, with our HDI Workwise - a fully integrated HRIS solution that will not just answer our company’s needs, but hoping to bring smiles and a hassle free workplace to our employees.

We share.

After the successful launch in the HDI group, we decided to share this to the Philippines to help Filipino employers’ and employees’ lives better. We are now up to our version 5 – officially called the “New Workwise”. With this, we are hoping to bring more smiles not just in the Philippines but across South East Asia.

But why choose HDI Systech?

Aside from our advanced technology and systems, what sets us apart is our Positive Values. For more than a decade, with a lot of challenges, what remained constant is our positivity. We choose to be POSITIVE. We make sure to achieve our goals in ethical and honest ways with an elevated source of purpose to each other, the company, and our partners.We give our 200% Commitment to Excellence. Our systems and processes were tailored-fit to our partner’s requirements. We make sure that we go the extra mile to deliver a top-quality system and service to our partners.We are confident that our team’s talents, cooperation and support, backed up with respect and understanding makes us innovative, forward thinkers, team leaders, and ahead of our client’s curve at all times.

HDI Systech Through the Years