Time Records

As the name implies, is all about time records.  Employees can easily see their historical and present time records, leave balance and filing, and work calendar.  Since its cloud-based, users can see their attendance records in real-time.  HR also uses the same module to process time records and manually upload daily time keeping for off-site employees.


  • Capturing of daily time records from any timekeeping devices or from manual record
  • Get real-time attendance information such as time in/out records, overtime and undertime hours
  • Employee / Group Work schedule and unlimited shift assignment
  • Configurable Leaves
  • Online Leave Applications and Approvals
  • Online forms application and approval (Change Work Schedule, Daily Time Record Problem, Excused Tardiness, Officical Business, Overtime and Undertime)
  • Online Blanket Application Facility (Company-initiated Applications)
  • Configurable Attendance Rules and Policies
  • Real-time and accurate reporting tools for faster decision making