HDI Workwise is a Human Resource Information System that has complete HR tracking, management, evaluation and analysis tools, designed not just to boost your HR processes but also engage your workforce.

Single Platform Solution

Manage all your HR programs from a central location. Workwise is also integrable to 3rd party financial software so there’s no need to keep on switching systems.

Intelligent automation

Workwise modules are designed with HR professionals to improve accuracy, eliminate redundancy and ensure that it can be easily deployed by the average HR practitioner. Reports and analytics are simple to build and use, so you can make better informed decisions when you need to.


Track your employees’ attendance, approve requests, and do much more even when you’re away from the office. Collaboration in Workwise is always in real-time. We also provide built-in support for big data.


Workwise offers utmost flexibility and can tailor its modules to the unique aspects of your business. You can define your own processes, reporting, access levels, integrations and data requirements. Workwise can also be deployed to multiple companies.

Facilitates paper-less transactions

Workwise allows employees to exchange information such as announcements & policy manuals, route requests, and generate reports with greater ease without the need for paper.

Intuitive design

Workwise functions like your favorite consumer website where no expertise is required to quickly accomplish a task.




Upon log-in, the Dashboard showcases activity feeds on users’ activities, HR postings and employee/group messages while you were away.  Key portlets includes: Demographics or overview or company statistics, Timekeeping Statistics, Birthday Celebrants (upcoming within a month period) and your To-Do or processes that needs your attention.

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This module shows your subordinates’ 201 records and HR or department memoes at a glance.  It also allows you to process employee movement like clearance.  Here, you can also access resources for manuals and forms.

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Time Records

As the name implies, is all about time records.  Employees can easily see their historical and present time records, leave balance and filing, and work calendar.  Since its cloud-based, users can see their attendance records in real-time.  HR also uses the same module to process time records and manually upload daily time keeping for off-site employees.

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My Account

In My Account, this module enables you to immediately view your 201 file, access My Calendar and My Payroll.  In My Calendar, the user can use this to file forms using its drag and drop feature. My Payroll gives users a view of their payslip (both current and historical), tax deductions, loans and other government contributions.

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One of our unique modules, Recruitment enables managers to set up their annunal manpower planning through this facility.  Managers can also file for manpower request.  HR can, in turn, monitor applicants and access applicant list database.  This module can be used for both internal and external kiosk detail encoding for applicants.

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This module allows the creation of customized and multiple evaluation tools through its target-setting feature.  It even comes with appraisal reminders and ratings analytics.

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As the trend in HR is towards strategic HR, analytics module can easily generate pertinent reports related to all modules and company demographics, making way for a much informed human resource decision-making.

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Fully integrated into the Time Record Module is the Payroll Module which allows unlimited transactions for earnings and deductions which also includes bonuses and loans setup.  The Payroll Module automatically computes for employee salary and wages, deductions, final pay, loans and taxes.

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Getting Started

We’re ready to help every step of the way.

At Workwise, you have training and support services working for you.


getting started


So you can start using Workwise and maximizing your investment, we provide on-site or virtual classroom training for every role—getting administrators and end-users up to speed quickly. For many companies, bringing your entire team together for a private, instructor-led class is the best learning option as it leads to faster adoption. Here we can focus, at your own pace, on content that’s best suited for your organization.



So your HR processes remain uninterrupted, Workwise can come with:

  • Direct access to support specialists [responses within 1 hour to critical issues]
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Online assistance


So if you are ready to try Workwise, or just have a quick question, please contact us. Our reps are standing by to assist you. Workwise is available through Software as a Service (SaaS), Software Purchasing, or on a Per User basis.

Our reps have answers.

You don’t learn everything in life by reading a manual.

Sometimes it helps to get a helping hand. If you have questions about products, implementation, integration, or anything else, let us know.

Our highly trained reps are standing by, ready with answers.

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